Clue at Mill Race Center

Clue at Mill Race Center

The Mill Race Center version of the classic detective game. Get your thinking cap on and participate in this fun game and work on your Intellectual Wellness. The game will begin on Monday, October 1. First clue is listed below. All final guesses will be due Tuesday, October 30 the chosen winner will be selected on Wednesday, October 31.

Object: Mr. Boddy apparently the victim of foul play is found in one of the rooms at Mill Race Center. Suspects bio’s will be posted in MRC. To win, you must determine the answers to these three questions: Who done it? In what room did it occur? And with what weapon?

Clues: Clues will be given each Monday through our weekly E-Blast (give the business office your email to be added to the list) and posted in the center. Detective note sheets can be picked up at Mill Race Center to keep track of your clues. Extra bonus clues will be given out through the weeks of the game so stay tuned.

Prizes: Free One year membership to MRC and CRH Fitness Center, $50 gift certificate towards a bus trip with travel, $100 off an international trip with Collette, $10 off a day trip, plus a MRC T-shirt.

Guess: Turn in your confidential guess by Tuesday, October 30 by 5:00pm. If multiple individuals guess correctly they will be placed into a drawing and one winner will be selected.

Rules: Set of participation rules will also be at Mill Race Center.

Remember to keep your clues a secret!

Download Detective Sheet


Clue #1:
A story they say can take you away, but a book still needs a place to stay. Find this location and find 3 clues.

Bonus Clue #1:
Grab the TV guide section of The Republic on a Sunday during October 1-30 and find the MRC ad. Clip the ad and bring it to the MRC business office for 3 extra clues.*
*An ad can only be used once during the Clue game, October 1-30.

Clue #2:
I’m black as night when I am off, but through me you get to see celebrities. Find this location and find 3 clues.

Bonus Clue #2:
Mill Race Center is hosting a Fish Fry tonight. Find Penelope Carmichael and ask for the 3 bonus clues.
*If you’re not attending the fish fry, the bonus clue is:
Penelope Carmichael’s Golden Raspberry award is missing. Find it in the building for 3 bonus clues. Hint – find the location of the photo below.

Clue #3:
I haver a face and I can count to 12. Arms and legs that move, but my location doesn’t. Find the locations and find 3 clues.

Bonus Clue #3:
Attend the Lunch & Laughter at Mill Race Center on October 10 for this bonus clue. Talk to Professor Plum and ask for the 3 bonus clues.*
*If you are not attending Lunch & Laughter the bonus clue is:
Inspector Gray has recently been partnering with this character. Did it come to blows between the two of them or did someone “pop”? Look for 3 clues where you might get a pop. Find the location in the building for 3 bonus clues.

Clue #4:
I have shelves, but I am no bookcase. I have a door, but I am no cupboard. I have a light, but I’m not a lamp. I’m certainly chilly. What am I and where am I at? Find this item and find 3 clues.

Clue #5:
Some call me grand, some call me upright, my camo has always been black and white. Hammers and keys but no nail or lock, you might think I’m a classic, but I like to rock. Find this item and find 3 clues.

Clue #6:
I’m full of pins and interesting stuff. People stare and can’t get enough. Paper and invites hang around. Up on the wall I can be found. Find this location and find 3 clues.


Hazel Lou
A woman of many talents, many accents, and many passports. Hazel Lou deals in art and arms. She made a killing in Paris when she sold impressionist works of art and several to Mr. Boddy. Will her long-standing feud with fellow gun collector Colonel Mustard come to a nasty end?
Penelope Carmichael
Ms. Carmichael is a top paid actress in Hollywood having won her own Golden Raspberry Award for her role in “Can’t Stop This Music”. She was affiliated through Hollywood to several characters in the game including Ms. Scarlet and Desmond Dunsmore. Does she have an inside scoop to be able to blackmail Mr. Boddy?
Ms. Josephine Scarlet
Ms. Scarlet ran her own successful freelance spy business, winning the coveted “Mata Hari Award.” She enjoys traveling the world with her business. Since she went into partnership with Colonel Mustard, she’s been looking in the “Help Wanted” section every day.
Daphne Beazer
Social-Climbing herbalist, Daphine was widowed when her husband was mysteriously poisoned. Her clients keep her wealthy and entertained, but she wants more. What plan is she concocting to spice up her life? Who is she connected too?
Ms. Peacock
Elizabeth Peacock is the former wife of a corrupt senator and an heiress to her family's jewelry fortune which often comes under fire, due to Boddy's meddling. She was a graduate from an elite boarding school abroad and has traveled the world. She has unique ties to several characters.
Inspector Gray
Inspector Gray is charming and temperamental. He served in the war with Mr. Boddy’s father and saved his life. He has often feuded with Colonel Mustard and Hazel Lou. He loves to blackmail folks to expand his bank account. How far will he go to get the upper hand?
Mr. Green
Mr. Green conducts business at his lake country home and is the reputed kingpin in the “family” business. He is a whiz at numbers, but finds himself dangerously short of cash at the moment. His latest business move is investing in a renowned fitness club and is often seen with dumbbells in hand. He does desires to get into the jewelry business. What is he working on next? (Todd - CRH Fitness Center)
Professor Plum
Professor Plum teaches archeology at a non-accredited college, He came to Mr. Boddy to solicit financing for a bone-hunting expedition to an un-named Middle Eastern country. But why does the professor clam up whenever anyone digs into his past?
Tess Ivy
Tess runs Peppy Petals Florist Shop. She is a former acquaintance of Ms. Peacock and Daphine Beazer plus she has considerable ties to Ms. Scarlet. She is often called on to do up-scale floral arranging, but still longs to be a singer and works side jobs in the evening trying to find her “voice.” She had a breakthrough once in “the pink city” of France.
Colonel Mustard
After a mediocre military career in England, Colonel Mustard now runs a spy business with his partner, Ms. Scarlet. He has become one of the top international spies in the world, and is an expert marksman. He has many former contacts with other characters in the game. What dark secret from his past is haunting him?
Desmond Dunsmore
An investment broker who manages to dupe many into investing in a faulty deal that later collapsed. He is usually on the run and changes his name and location. Often times even going as far to shave his head to go under the radar.
Mrs. Blanche White
Blanche White tragic widow who allegedly murdered her previous five husbands. She appears to be quiet and proper, deep down she is a jealous, dishonest soul who despises anyone who gets in her way. She once received a rope tied in a noose as a gift from Mr. Boddy. (Patra from QMIX)
Rowan Rey
As a student of Professor Plum, Rowan Rey surpassed her fellow archaeology classmates in both the classroom and in the field. With many expeditions of her own now under her belt, she’s eager to continue making a name for herself. She recently returned from a secret excursion to Siberia. What did she find there? What lengths would she go to in order to keep her discoveries private?
Adaline Arnette
Adaline Arnette is from Toulouse, France known as “the Pink City”. Adaline was born into money and married money. Her husband was an investment broker and had ties to Colonel Mustard and Inspector Gray. Her husband had an untimely death from a pink drink. Sweet Adaline or not so sweet Adaline?
Yvette Dupont
This socialite and three-time widow is running low on youth and inheritance. Yvette is doing well now as an apprentice blackmailer, quickly catching on to the tricks of the trade. What is she hiding from her daughter, Rowan? And what juicy tidbits can be found in her diary?