Total Brain Health

Total Brain Health

Two Class Offerings:

Mondays and Wednesday from 2:00-4:00 pm

1st Class Offering:

Beginning January 15th through February 7th

2nd Class Offering:

Beginning February 12th through March 7th

Cost: $20 (scholarship available upon request)

Dr. Cynthia Green is a clinical psychologist, author, and one of America’s foremost experts on brain health. Dr. Green has spent over twenty years developing programs for cognitive wellbeing that are grounded in science, utilize strategies that work, and incorporate evidence based techniques.

This summer, through the Summerville Fellowship at the Pitman Institute for Aging Well, Dr. Green’s Total Brain Health programs began to take place at Mill Race Center. Led by the Summerville Fellow, each program will last eight weeks and cost $20, with scholarships available upon request.

Due to popular demand, two class offerings will be available for the Total Brain Health Memory program beginning in August. Total Brain Health Memory is a unique program designed to teach participants valuable memory strategies and how to rev up recall.

If you are interested in joining the Total Brain Health program and would like to receive program updates, please contact the:

MRC Business Office at (812)376-9241