Clue at Mill Race Center

The Mill Race Center version of the classic detective game. Get your thinking cap on and participate in this fun game during the months of Intellectual Wellness. The game will begin on Thursday, October 1 and will conclude on Thursday, October 29. The chosen winner will be announced on Friday, October 30.

Object: Mr. Boddy, apparently the victim of foul play, is found in one of the rooms at Mill Race Center. Suspects bio’s will be posted in MRC. To win, you must determine the answers to these three questions: Who done it? In what room did it occur? And with what weapon?

Clues: Clues will be given each Monday through our weekly E-Blast (give the business office your email to be added to the list). New this year, clue cards will be hidden around the website, every Monday and Thursday, through October. Detective note sheets can be picked up at Mill Race Center, or you can download a printable version below. Extra bonus clues will be given out through our E-Blast or on our Facebook page, so stay tuned!

Remember to keep your clues a secret!

Prize: One Year Membership to MRC, One Year Membership to the CRH Fitness Center, and MRC T-shirt.

Guess: Turn in your confidential guess of who done it, what room and with what weapon by Thursday, October 29 by 5:00pm. If multiple individuals guess correctly they will be placed into a drawing and one winner will be selected.

Rules: Search our website and find the hidden clue cards. Multiple cards will be posted each Monday and Thursday through October. Extra clues will be given by E-Blast or on our Facebook page.

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