Pitman Institute

The mission of the Pitman Institute for Aging Well is to become a community resource that provides opportunities to better understand and embrace the aging process.

The Institute will focus on:

  • Research and learning opportunities,
  • Disseminating evidence-based programs for healthy living, which will enhance current programs and create an opportunity to develop a sustainable and capacity building environment for Mill Race Center and our community,
  • Inviting Experts in the Field of Aging to Columbus – Network with organizations and businesses in partnerships (at the leadership and strategic planning levels; local, regional and national) to engage in the conversation of aging well for all members of our community

Research and learning opportunities in the field of aging:

  • Work with organizations in the aging field and academia to determine which Aging Well research project(s) will be conducted at Mill Race Center
  • Provide opportunities for Graduate students willing to work on selected projects
  • Provide opportunities for Fellows/Residents

Disseminating evidence-based programs for healthy living:

  • Collaborate with local and regional organizations to create new and innovative programs
  • Pilot and disseminate programs at Mill Race Center
  • Offer programs at a cost to other Centers

Inviting Experts in the Field of Aging to Columbus:

  • Collaborate on a national level to sponsor Guest Speakers who concentrate on Aging Well topics
  • Conduct sessions annually; inviting with Regional/National Speakers to our community

How will the Pitman Institute support Mill Race Center members and the community?

  • By integrating the Conference outcomes with Mill Race Center programming
  • By creating new programs and educational opportunities for our members
  • By creating new alliances and partners within our community to work together to create an Aging Well community
  • By providing additional revenue streams for Mill Race Center; allowing us to maintain reasonable membership fees as well as working toward sustainability for Mill Race Center

The Pitman Institute for Aging Well – created in honor of Bob Pitman; who has spent his lifetime serving our community and those over the age of 50. Bob Pitman spent 29 years creating an organization that maximizes the opportunities for our members and those over the age of 50 to lead independent, healthy and meaningful lives.


We gratefully acknowledge those who contributed to help found the Pitman Institute:

  • Anonymous
  • Walter and Joan Able
  • Michael Brian
  • Mary Ann Clark
  • Clarence and Inez Custer Foundation
  • Kenneth Dunn
  • Mark and Wendy Elwood
  • Jim and Toots Henderson
  • Rick and Alice Johnson
  • Ruth Johnson
  • Barbara and David Kirr
  • Mill Race Center Board of Directors
  • The Namaste Foundation
  • Elizabeth R. and Walter C. Nugent Foundation
  • Mary and Robert Orben
  • The Pearcy Family
  • Madonna Yates
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